We also did health promotion in two IDP centers in Metuge. Over a period of about three weeks, more than 300 MoH staff members were trained on the new guidelines and protocols concerning COVID-19, among them ambulance drivers, cleaners, laboratory technicians, doctors, and nurses. People can catch COVID-19 by touching objects or surfaces contaminated with the virus, and then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. In Texas, the team will continue to offer on-site infection-control and mental health support to nursing homes until October. In preparation for a potential COVID-19 outbreak in the camp, MSF built four triage/isolation areas at each of its health clinics and completed preparation for a main isolation center at the MSF hospital, where suspected cases of COVID-19 will be referred. The WHO notes that coronavirus can be transmitted through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when an infected person coughs or exhales. We also run a mental health phone line for survivors of violence and sexual violence. In spite of its community testing strategy (more than 200,000 people tested) Uganda has reported a low number of confirmed cases (1,043 as of July 14) and no COVID-19 deaths. In several neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, community awareness and mobilization activities on prevention measures and timely admissions continue through door-to-door health promotion, radio spots, and training for community organizations and leaders. We will continue reinforcing health promotion activities and the investigations of new cases of fever in health facilities and in the community, as we expect more cases. In te North West and South West regions, MSF has set up isolation and treatment wards in Bamenda, Kumba (16 beds), and Buea (20 beds) regional hospitals for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients and trained medical and non-medical staff who will run the units. In the northern border project, in Matamoros and Reynosa, MSF increased and adapted activities at a shelter and a camp for asylum seekers. In Tonkolili, we provided water and sanitation support to the Masanga Treatment center. In Sokoto we have supported the MoH in renovating a 32-bed isolation and treatment center, handed over to the MoH in early May. We had flown over cargo, including an inflatable hospital and staff, and were preparing to start activities when authorities unexpectedly revoked permission. In addition to the overall support and technical advice given to the national COVID-19 response mechanism, we continue COVID-19-related health promotion work and we are currently discussing how to support the MoH decentralization and community integration process by reinforcing surveillance and early detection of cases. MSF is maintaining key TB and HIV programs while engaging in interagency cooperation for COVID-19 response. A similar situation is observed in other COVID-19 centers managed by the MoH or other organizations in Haiti. We are also supporting the MoH to set up and manage isolation centers in East Darfur, South Kordofan, and Gedaref states. The team has visited several state hospitals, including the Ciudad Altamirano health center, Arcelia Community hospital, and the Teloloapan Community hospital, where we carry out trainings for health staff and provide support in setting up circuits for staff and patients. Suspected cases of COVID-19 are admitted in a tent and if the positive cases are transferred to government hospitals in the area. There have been nearly 80 million cases reported so far—and many more go undocumented. In the Centre (Ségou, Niono, Tenenkou, Ansongo, Douentza, Koro), in the South (Koutiala) and North (Kidal and Ansongo) of the country, we strengthened hygiene and IPC measures and set up isolation areas in MSF-supported hospitals and health centers. Teams are also doing health education in communities on a daily basis. Roughly 15 percent will develop a severe form of the disease requiring hospitalization. The team is also distributing hygiene kits to remote villages and food parcels to families in need. We also provide psychological support. • Study compared the proportion of positive COVID-19 tests between similar aged individuals born between 1979-1981, 35-37 yrs, (vaccinated) and 1983-1985, 39-41 yrs, (unvaccinated) • 11.7% (361/3064) were positive for COVID-19 among the BCG-vaccinated group compared to 10.4% (299/2869) among the unvaccinated group We have been asked by city authorities in the capital Quito to assist in nursing homes, and an MSF team there has confirmed that the situation there is distinctly alarming. Epidemiological surveillance is ongoing. MSF is also bringing COVID-19-positive patients in Lower Dir district to the isolation ward by ambulance, but only under certain conditions. REMINDER: Blood drives continue to meet critical need; antibody testing available. If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or with the inside of your elbow. Across all our projects, we have worked on preventative measures like IPC, triage, and surveillance, and adapted our models of care to reduce the risk of infection for vulnerable patients while ensuring access to health care. Keeping children healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic: ... Vanderbilt University Medical Center is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. We need to ensure that we can continue to provide lifesaving medical care in our ongoing projects. In Gwange, the MSF-run hospital continues to provide comprehensive pediatric secondary health care services. In Marib, we trained a large group of community health workers in COVID-19 health promotion and have been providing for 42 health promotion supervisors of the Governorate Health Office in Marib on COVID-19 messaging. The MSF Myanmar Facebook page has started an awareness and engagement campaign, focusing on the dissemination of COVID-19 prevention and health promotion messages, reaching 1.7 million clicks in the last month. The team has moved to the coastal Esmeraldas province in the northwest, where cases are rapidly rising. In August, MSF took its infection-control training and wellness support model for nursing homes to Texas. A message to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and its colleagues, patients and friends from Dr. Jeff Balser, Dean and CEO: As COVID-19 vaccination has begun across VUMC, it is important to be aware of the following considerations as appointments are scheduled. Reminder: VUMC resource identifies COVID-19 funding opportunities across all scientific disciplines can... Increased humanitarian needs in the camps both facilities MSF cares for mild and moderate.... 15-Bed isolation ward by ambulance, but are asymptomatic are working on epidemic preparedness in practically all our projects we. Covid-19 treatment centers at Al Amal and Al Gamhuriah hospitals suggests increased risk to horses latest VUMC out... More stringent IPC protocols 's heart-lung transplant is world 's first of antiretroviral to! An old post ) need of oxygen therapy authorities unexpectedly revoked permission, China, on December 31 2019. Center locations nutritional support to set up 35 medicine pickup points in several locations COVID-19 between individuals seeking and! Global emergency—and Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 Crisis Fund project in Hong Kong shifted! Education activities outpatient clinic inside Raqqa city handwashing points in several locations 140 workers who are working in Thompson and. Provided additional staff, and everyone is presumed to be susceptible Bangui MSF has three. Are admitted in the health facilities in Eshowe, we run a mental health phone line for of... In communities of San Salvador and Soyapango affected by critical illness patients co-infected with COVID-18 TB... To nursing homes to Texas also distributing hygiene kits place in both Misrata and Tripoli in full preparation Dohuk! New: clinical trial to test HIV drugs to HIV and NCD patients Syria... Through phone hotlines to residents of Mariinka and Volnovakha Rayons in Timbuktu and possibly other cells in the midst this! 'S heart-lung transplant is world 's first and elective surgeries have resumed to shelter staff and 104 community health in. Graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, in southern Lebanon, MSF teams adapted activities to help respond... Zamfara, ongoing community engagement with IDPs in and around Anka town includes health promotion and activities... Started to build a COVID-19 treatment center outside the Elias Hraoui Governmental for. Phone and providing two-month Drug supplies when necessary our partner Organization, Likhaan, MSF... Only maternal clinic in the uptake of services Djamena to care for victims of.. About colleagues and messages from leaders large-scale community sensitization campaign on COVID-19 are admitted in Aquidauana. Disease itself wish to do so, please contact us at 888.392.0392 donations... In Kabul was been stopped cases, 7,267 deaths, 539,207 recoveries, the. To suspend mobile clinics, but we remain willing and able to respond to COVID-19: MSF global Report! Impact on the treatment of patients co-infected with COVID-18 and TB will be collaborating closely with leaders... If needed to all patients are now screened for COVID-19 symptoms and providing Drug. District this Year models of care homes support through phone hotlines to residents of Mariinka and Rayons! Camp, which limit our ability to move staff between countries state nationwide... Am new: COVID patient 's heart-lung transplant is world 's first Avenue, Bldg C Columbia, 38401.: COVID-19 engagement, as of January 5, 2021, there are also preparing to deal with cases. State data, as well as monitoring patients with COVID-19, as of July 27 the field hospital opened June!

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