Pizza Jokes and Puns. to share with your friends and die laughing! These are VERY cheesy. If you like saucy wordplay like that, just wait until you sink your teeth into the following list of pizza puns. The most common pizza puns directly involve the word “pizza”, and this entry has its fair share of those, but it also includes a bunch of puns about pizza-related topics. //]]>. Sorry, but I am just too mature for you, Q. In the frozen food aisle in a supermarket downtown, I overheard the following conversation. Another One Bites The Crust! AND they're ready in 10 minutes — c'mon, you can't say no to that. 1. YOU WANNA PIZZA ME, TOUGH GUY? Share. The list is fairly short by Punpedia standards, so if you’ve got one that we’re missing, please post it in the comments at the end! The Leaning Tower of Pizza. 3. A list of puns related to "Dominoes" Dominoes claims that they will remake your pizza for free, if your pizzas integrity has ever been comprised. 5. //
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