If you are currently fostering a teenager, or providing kinship care for a teenager, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can adopt them. Those who were once not-a-family are now a family. Adopting an older child is often seen as an altruistic act, but the giving goes both ways. Looking for Adoptive Parents for My Teenager. Is it wrong how much I want T. to go back to school? She came into our home at 13. We just hope she makes it to an adulthood in which she is able to form & maintain healthy intimate relationships. She's a willful, strong-headed child but also independent almost to a fault from years of having to rely only on herself. What it’s really like adopting teens from foster care is seeing that God had something more wonderful planned than I ever could have imagined. And while we thought in generalities, God had four specific girls in mind. Your blog, and esp this entry, has really helped. I hear all the good news, all the bad news and everything in between. Teens’ caseworkers and mentors have a really good idea … You now have to undo at least 13 years worth of hurt, anger, and disappointment. We have 3 young children of our own and are hoping for more – but we are also waiting to welcome a baby/toddler into our family who needs a stable home. "I know that this is an old post (I came across it during a Google search for "adopting a teenager), but I just wanted to stop and respond to this specific bit.Whatever faults he may have, giving his money away to a homeless man shows that he is deeply empathetic. There are teen siblings who’ve been through a lot together and other kids in the family who are trying to adjust to all these new people, too. What Grief And Infertility Have To Do With Adoption. Twenty glorious, noisy, dramatic, wonderful days. Foster care is not fun. 2-thers a good road like going to mall , gym and be with a good friends . //